Disney Rebels – Insight: Prologue

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This is the Prologue of Disney Rebels, an in-progress novel written by Shakespearian1 (Shay/Cosette).

La Push, Washington

A frenzy of thoughts surges through my brain. Muffled with a cacophony of questions, I don’t know where to begin. My head pulsates with pangs. My lungs gather in the foreign air—sweltering, summer air that leaves me drenched in thick coats of sweat. And a strange, scent tantalizes my nostrils. 

Is it possible? I inhale the aroma. Am I smelling the ocean? The one scent that has followed me through my teenage years. Gah, I almost forgot how relaxing the smell of the ocean felt. Nostalgia, however, never lasts. For me, it’s impossible to find any peace with an artifact of my past. 

It’s the violent crashing of the waves against the thin strip of shore that bleeds through the nostalgia that sends my eyes flying open. Whenever I hear the roar of the tide, the screams inside it leave my heart crashing against my chest. 

The beach is almost vacant as I look around. No one rides the giant arms of the tide. I surmise that everyone must be inside, avoiding the impending wrath of mother nature. When I glance above me, I see the sky is darkened with ashy clouds. Thunder crashes against the waves, which howl like wolves. 

I scoop up a pile of sand in my hand and let it drip back onto the beach. It’s not there. Of course, it isn’t. It never is. But still, my heart races as I dig furiously through the sand, gasping for air. But like I said, it’s never here. 

A year ago, the idea of returning would’ve left me in silent tears as I suffered through sleepless night after sleep night. The mere thought of you left me tossing and turning in that uncomfortable bunk. Every time that I felt one of the springs jam into my spine, I considered it karma for the pain I caused you. 

But, come last August, something changed: she came. The night prior to her arrival, even my roommates sensed something different headed our way. It was in the air. 

And for the first time, I wasn’t the only one unable to sleep. There were only two events in which my roommates and I couldn’t sleep: that night, and the night before her arrival. 

Both were up for conversation the night before she arrived. 

I’ve told you about Luna during once of my countless nights of no sleep. On the younger side of my roommates, she took the top bunk across the narrow dorm crowded with meager possessions. Her delicately-dimpled chin rested atop the rickety railing that provided scant protection. “It’s been a year since that night,” she pointed out with a yawn. 

The mention of that night sent a shudder down my spine. 

In the bunk below Luna, Janessa kept herself busy by doing curl-ups. “Better to keep that Pandora’s box shut,” she said between grunts.

Above me, Amberley, the youngest of the roommates, inquired, “So, we’re all in agreement not to mention that night—” I shuddered again “—to the new girl, am I right?” 

“If we don’t mention that night—” another shuddered as Janessa relaxed for her exercise routine “—we have a better chance of guiding the newbie away from those same mistakes.” 

“I have reached a verdict,” announced the oldest, our counselor as the dean deemed, Quinn, meaning she was about to declare the decision. Being the oldest of our dorm, Quinn always had the final say in matters of our dormitory, M-Dorm 8B. And when she spoke, we all listened; no on interrupted. 

“About that night—” I didn’t shutter at the mention, as it was Quinn “—as we vowed over the campfire, we shall go about it as if it never happened, but we shall take it into our hands to keep the newcomer out of trouble.” 

The vote was unanimous. Unlike other matters settled in a meeting in the dorm, there was no grumbling over not getting their way. 

At midnight, something changed in the air. Instead of passing time through the sleepless night with some conversation, we played a game of exchanging glances to one another in a synchronized fashion. We all knew what it meant: someone had arrived. 

But there something more severe in the air than there was usually at the arrival of a newcomer. 

Damn, we were in for a hell of a ride with this new roommate. 

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