Deathchasers Preview

During intermission, I searched the dressing room for Bakula and Ari. The heavy weight of my chest assured me I had seen Cronos. Sure, it was my destiny to bring peace to nature, but I couldn’t do it without these two.

People and overlapping noise crowded the dressing room. They all scattered throughout the space, making the room a labyrinth. At the same time, a cacophonous symphony filled my ears. It all came back to how the first act went. Majority thought it went well.

“You did well.” At the sound of Ombline’s voice, I whipped around to see her smirking. I stumbled backward into Hunter, stammering with incoherent sounds.

Hunter let out a grunt. “Watch it.” When I glanced over my shoulder at him, he crossed his arms over his black polo. His twitching eyes looked like he was a timebomb. It wasn’t the pleasant eyes gave everyone. No, he showed the sin of humanity for a moment. Hatred. However, he flickered to his boyfriend and back to me: his ugly expression now disappeared. Instead, he had the the demeanor of a tideless sea.

“Sorry,” I said to him, my lips in a tight smile. When he nodded, I returned to Ombline. Her two-toned wig covered one of her eyes. She dragged her foot in an arc. To top it off, she looked at me with rain-stained eyes, both laced with the pain of almost being victim to Cronos. So, I wondered if there anything I could do. Rgus came through my words to her,.

“Ombline, I’m here for you.” At this moment, I completely forgot that I was in search of Bakula and Ari. Heck, I even effaced seeing Cronos from my mind. All that consumed me was an urge of selflessness.

Sure, Ombline bullied me several time, but after being hugged by Ombline this week, something told me that perhaps she had a change of heart. Maybe she did. Maybe not.

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