Meet Tulia

Tulia is the protagonist of the first part of my series called The Deathchasers Chronicles. As the lead, she goes through many phases of arcs, and she is very powerful. You wouldn’t want to cross her for loyalty is what she values most in people.

Beware of your opinions on her.


My mother drove me four hours to upstate New York, where a prestigious drama academy known as the Hamilton Institute of the Fine Arts awaited me to step foot through the door. On the East Coast of the United States of America, Hamilton promised a path to fame and glory by making its passing students the most eligible applicants to Juilliard. 

Heck, just thinking about it made me squeal with excitement as blurs of colors flashed past me. The people I would meet. The network of connections I would make. I was one step closer to fulfilling my purpose.

I could see my name popping against the general populace’s eyes: Tulia Gardner. Famous. Signed to a record label. Sold-out concerts. Everything I could ever imagine was just a brushstroke away. There was nothing that could stand in my way.

I was Tulia freaking Gardner.


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