Behind the Book: Blood in the Water

As I take a hiatus from Deathchasers, I turn a portal fantasy involving a mermaid, a ghost, a vampire, and a crew of pirates set on revenge against the mermaid kind. But how did this idea come to my mind?

At first, one day, my friend suggested listening to “Blood // Water” by grandson. I listened to it and was instantly inspired. It was like I could hear my characters talking to me through the song.

The following lyrics were what ran through my head:

The price of your greed is your son and your daughter 
Whatchu gon' do when there's blood in the water?

As I started a Pinterest board for my ideas, I came up with the idea of pirates vs. mermaids, pirates being the bad guys. My first character to come to life was Captain Kinsey, a female pirate captain and witch. My narrator was unknown for a few days, but I eventually settled initially on Pisces.

I began writing what would’ve been the first chapter of Blood in the Water had Kinsey not appeared in the end of the chapter, cursing Pisces’ love interest — Vail. I then ended the chapter talking in 2nd person to the real protagonist, the cursed daughter of Pisces — Moselle “Dolma”.


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