• Ghost of You
    You cling to my spine,Warmth invitingBut not like a summer day.Rather, it’s unnatural.It’s scary,For it’s the ghost of you. Your lips invade my dreams,soaking my brain like red wine,Memories bleeding.Vivid.Close.Too close. Tears prick my eyes as I emerge,Another horrible night,And I see the ghost of you.
  • Blood in the Water: Preview
    This had become old. Shallow breathing permeated the atmosphere as I rolled onto my side. Next to me, a slight, freckled lump of flesh nearly gave me a heart attack. Had I gotten drunk and seduced Vail into my bed for another night? I glanced at the spiky back of their head shaved right at […]
  • Behind the Book: Blood in the Water
    How did I come up with Blood in the Water?
  • breakdown
    Once upon a time, there was girl. She kept on fighting for the world, Watching as it turned to swirls, Watching as it all unfurled: Ravaging tears and pink cheeks, Those challenging fears linked to the weak. Days turned into weeks, And all she did was break down. Break down, break down, Wearing a frown; […]
  • O Apollo
    O Apollo, Why must you confuse me for a nymph? You chase after me, Lust in your eyes, But you turn into a narcissus flower when I cut my hair. I’m only a reflection in the pond that you chase after. You’re pride. You’re vanity. Even Artemis was better at the hunt and knew better […]
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