• fool
    So, maybe I’m a Queen of Hearts, destroying love with heavy darts. But who are you, o Fool that clings? Everything you do, it just stings. Or maybe you’re the King, And I’m just a puppet on a string. But I broke free, you saw me fly. You’re on one knee, but don’t dare try. […]
  • Again
    There’s a tide in your eyes, and several hundred reasons why I should simply say goodbye as I look into the tide in your eyes. But there’s in the tide in your eyes that I can never deny, so I give it a try … Again. I’m falling Again. Catch me, I’m falling. Again. There’s […]
  • Shadow
    Light fades through the room, drones out the sound, uncertainty looms to the past to which we’re bound. I can’t feel your heart, but I know that it’s slow, unable to grow, lost in the wind that blow, so … You fade into a shadow. You don’t recognize the tears on my face. Everything we […]
  • Bad News
    Don’t bother to get too close. I won’t be your ideal host. I’m the fire, the burn, the ember, the spark, the flame, the smoke that’s making you nervous. You see me around, watching me drown, gray in the frown, walking in town, like I ain’t worth it. But you’ve heard it. I’m bad news. […]
  • Demons
    Demons dancing inside my mind. Skulls are prancebefore my eyes. All that I knowit blows inside. Every last foeswaits for my cry. Why, oh, just whydo you haunt me?Why, oh, just whycan’t you stop please?Why, oh, just whythis misery? Demons insidethey hunt and kill. Demons insidethey kill and stillare inside mymind of darkness. Why, oh, […]

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