Sometimes, honor is all you have.


Twenty-five-year-old writer, Xue Shí-Qín, is anything but ordinary.

From a young age, she has craved adventure. Little does she expect it to come in the form of a consequence when she investigates her roommate Dove Fata’s bedroom. Now possessing fae powers without the actual blood, foes begin to rise, and she must find safety. Those plans, however, go to waste when her jet crashes. Much to her surprise, she wakes up in Camelot.

It’s quick to tell that she’s no safer in Camelot than she was in the real world. More enemies emerge to open past wounds. She quickly realizes the best way to protect herself is to hide her growing powers.

An opportunity arises when she stumbles upon a knight’s corpse, and she steals the armor. She finds a haven among the Knights of the Round Table, searching for Excalibur to reclaim a broken kingdom threatened by an invading tribe. Arthur’s half-sister, Morgana, otherwise known as Dove Fata, has a different theory.

It’s only a matter of who gets to the sword in the stone first.

Lilian Bowden as Xue
Laura Marano as Morgana
Jenna Thiam as Guinevere
Zayn Malik as Bebi
Riker Lynch as Arthur Pendragon
Willow Smith as Mizett

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