How to find inspiration

When it comes to writing, the perfect idea for a story can from a multitude of experiences. The key is to make sure that this it fits your personality when you find it and that you have a passion for it.

Ways to find inspiration

  • Personal experiences
  • Dreams
  • “What if” scenarios
  • A not-so generally talked about topic that you want to bring awareness about.
  • An emotion.
  • A song.
  • A cinematic/literary work*


When being inspired by a cinematic or literary work, it is important to use in the correct type of way.

It is crucial that you ensure that the cinematic/literary work that inspires you to write is used in a way that does not violate copyright laws.

Do not copy the actual idea of the work. Make it your own. Let the work be a source, not a template.

How to Stay Inspired

  • Make playlists that keep you in the mood
  • Plan the book before writing (if you are a planner)
  • Be sure to keep motivated.


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